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Renovated duplex apartment in Paris

 The building, which is this house was built in 1850. The project started in 2003 when architects Valerio Ferrari and Cynthia Maria Mazzone buy 60 square meters on the fifth floor of the building, located on the left bank of the Seine. They buy and 10 lofts with 10 square meters each, designed for staff ever.
The project was selected among the best of the 2011 Interior Design section. The award is sponsored by Interior Design magazine.
The project is due to the belief that a family space, and every household to keep secrets to be discovered, the idea that the architect has translated using the elements that could redefine the space. "Think about the environment in which we live, as something already given and invariably reduces the charm of the relationships that have the same environment. So I thought that the total redesign of spaces, places, features, details, even down spatial some unexpected obstacle, forcing residents to have at times focus on different things, "says Maria Valerio Ferrari.
apparently  of this design approach are doors located not only for opening and closing of the rooms, but also to create unusual, are not orthogonal to extend entry to the next space and the creation of a forced passage, with walls of below in greater access to the heart of the house with a kitchen divided into "kitchen" and "preparation area" to create the steps is not very easy to cross. To highlight walking around the house is made of rounded walls to invite seemingly on the body and then move from one medium to another. In the playroom, in addition, the ceiling is sloped as tepee, which require attention in motion.
  In the living room ceiling beams and stone cutting iron wall, originating from the nineteenth century dialogue on an equal footing with the historic design and furniture: armchairs manufactured by Cassina.
 In the living room, dining room furnished with a table of eight, surrounded by wicker chairs by Andre Groult (1937), purchased at a flea market and the console in 1950 by Hans Wegner .
  On the right side in the study desk and library vintage approach to ergonomic seats Stokke blue chair and sing by Toshiyuki Kita for Cassina. Seats with flowers instead of lining pieces are 40 years
  Unusual placement of walls and doors, sometimes unnecessary, often hinges on the shares, which are also mobile, "can create unusual crossings, which are not orthogonal, which expanded entry into the next area."


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Inviolable, luxurious, modern and comfortable, in a historic building is the new home of Mark Zuckerberg

  Built in 1866 as a Victorian house in this house lived pioneer Dr. William A. Newell. After his death the house remained uninhabited for 15 years. In 1906 Dr. Alexander McIntyre restored home with original materials. Senator and adviser Marshall Black purchased the house in 1909. House has reorganized and expanded over the years and now consists of 13 rooms: five bedrooms and five baths with two half baths 17.117 square feet. Two-storey house was restored in 2007
From the street the house is surrounded by a brick wall that keeps privacy. There is a swimming pool, banquet size formal dining room, sun rooms, fireplaces, large kitchen with adjoining breakfast area, covered porch and master bedroom with spa-inspired bathroom with Carrara marble floor heating. The kitchen has a built-station computer.
This is an expensive new home which offers comfortable living. Don = Mutt has all the luxurious facilities. The rooms are sunny, the kitchen is no shortage of green accents, and in addition to the backyard pool is a nice gazebo. The garden has lots of greenery, trees, grass, flowers. He became a great place for a small closed circle of friends. But it can be a wonderful family home. Minimalist furniture in each room offers more space.
This house is the home of
 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - one of the youngest billionaire, who bought it for $ 7-million.
Zuckerberg New Home
Comfortable Terrace Design
Exotic Outdoor Pavillion
American Dining Room Style
Home Office Space
Two Sink Bathroom 1
Two Sink Bathroom 2
Natural Kitchen Design
New Luxury Home Style

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Busnelli - always elegant and luxurious living rooms

 To be always looking, always be on the market to be always up to date - to this aim all companies. The Italian company designs furniture Busnelli is really successful in this regard. Its forms and styles of furniture are constantly evolving. But besides that of furniture Busnelli are always up to date, they are healthy, without loss of its elegance. The big secret in the continuous success of this furniture is that they fit in almost all styles and meet even minimalist requirements. Can be set as a super deluxe room and a cozy country room. With sofas Busnelli everyday comfort is guaranteed.
Busnesli White Living Room
Busnesli White Living Room with Ocean View
When playing with colors Busnelli rely on neutral ground brown, beige and white. They not only are always elegant, but his match with almost all other colors can be used as accents. Thus, each room furnished with sofas Busnelli is incredibly luxurious, modern and comfortable.
Busnesli Brown and Cream Living Room
Busnesli modern living room
Busnesli Brown Couch Country Living Room
Busnesli Brown Couch and Cowhide Rug with Terrace
Busnesli Brown and White Living Room
Busnesli brown and beige

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