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Difficult task of decorating a small home

To decorate a small home is difficult and not too difficult if you know and respect some basic rules.
Photos of the apartment, situated on an area of ​​30 sq.m
Choose the good furniture and accessories so you use even break in the walls and not cluttering the rooms with furniture, even when you think they are very comfortable.
It is better to use lighter tones of color, because they expand the visual space. 
Take advantage of any free niche to make this a functional part of the room. You can also use the space under the bed so as to be recovered.
Use vertical lines - draw eyes to the ceiling, it gives the illusion of height. Light also gives the illusion of a spacious room.
Well-maintained and well lit space gives the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. So gather all unnecessary.
Mirrors and glass panels visually expand rooms as light scatter and reflect part of the room. Can be used and other shiny surfaces on which light is reflected.

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