сряда, 14 декември 2011 г.

Textile panels for walls

Textile wall coverings are used much before appearing Wallpaper. Saenite coated textiles have always been a sign of prestige and prosperity. Textile fibers may be different - cotton, linen, jute, viscose, polyester, etc. Of course, the higher is the content of natural fibers, the more expensive wallpaper. Natural materials burn faster and there is no solid color, and synthetic fibers. Textile wall coverings are not only beautiful. The walls on which are placed textile wallpaper "breathe" and absorb noise, provide additional insulation. Wallpaper with the use of flax fibers have antibacterial properties.
In today interior  design for faster coverage of the walls using the technique of the canvas. On a wooden frame stretched textile, or attached to the previously prepared gypsum board size. Then quickly and easily mounted on the wall - like a picture, or as a panel can fill the entire wall as a mural. The effect of a change in the interior can be overwhelming. View:

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