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Modern home interior design

Interior design is science, and art. Recently takes minimalism peak in modern design. But it is also modern and elegant style, bright and clean surfaces. Especially important in interior design and lighting takes appropriate lighting. Today, often re-pattern historic homes.
Here you can see various interior world. Some of the ideas set forth in these homes to inspire you for the next interior design that will apply in your own home.

  1. Luxury bedroom
Bonaldo is an Italian manufacturer of furniture. The company specializes in creating luxury products for the modern home. Was recently premiered at the new collection of beds and, unless the quality of design, display elements, performance elements is luxurious and of itself. The interior, designed to provide beds are mostly impeccable white enough, with high ceilings and relaxed, but Posh and urban atmosphere. Great for relaxation, just as the beds themselves ...

2. Small apartment in Stockholm
This colorful apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, is a perfect illustration of the concept that the largest home need not always be a large area. Small living provokes further creative forces of the designer. The place is characterized by white walls make rooms look larger. The living room and kitchen are combined in one open space, but the real center of the house is a modern abstract painting in the nightmarish colors displayed on the wall in the living room.

3. One bedroom apartment in Bulgaria
Creative design of a small home comes to us from Bulgaria. The apartment is owned by designer Petya Gancheva. Her one-bedroom apartment has an incredibly coherent and well thought-out color palette of white, gray, purple and small shades of green. Lyrics Frank Sinatra New York, New York is seen prominently in the living room wall. According to the designer, the goal was "to invite the spirit of urban life in this space," where he spent evenings and weekends.

 4. Moroccan house
This modern design house has concrete floors, concrete floating fireplace in the living room, apparently massive wooden ceiling beams and woodwork with French windows and doors. There are niches, nooks and shelves, and carved into the walls in plasterboard, and furniture and accents that speak to the playfulness of contemporary aesthetics.

5. Detached house IPNOTIC Architecture
Located in the city Kiekrz, Poland, this house is an example of house design and floor plan program. The design is so simple as well, dominated by black and white colors, and organic, the main focus, such as books, fruit and delicate lighting. Kitchen floor is highlighted by the widespread use of white-black color scheme with white oak furniture and flooring for serene, soothing home environment.

6. New home design in New York
This is particularly elegant loft is located in a former truck garage. It was built in 1931 and converted into a condominium building in 1983. ixdesign warmed up and as the original floor plan is rather inconvenient, they added some necessary structures for greater functionality. The result is an impressive individual comfort of home in the heart of New York.

7. Darling Point, Australia, Penthouse by Christopher Polly Architects
Contemporary design house, a combination of old and new. A double challenge for designers to keep the spirit of home, but to update it to modern standards. Christopher Polly Architects primarily focus on the complete re-configuration of the whole too complex floor plan, failed to improve the kitchen, bathroom, living room, terrace, lighting, storage and access to terrace.

8. MOMA Loft by Grupo Promart, Madrid
Modern homes are often colorful, but few manage to achieve this color splash effect with such efficiency as the 58 square meter loft inside the building Móstoles girl in a suburb of Madrid, Spain. The first thing you notice as you embark on this exciting home virtual tour is a great spiral staircase into the pit, leading to a secluded, private area overnight. In terms of colors, from kitchen counters and bathroom cabinets finishes, furniture, everything is white with mahogany and features orange accents.

9. Vintage Apartment in Lake Hammarby, Sweden
For stunning design of the interior of a house filled with luxurious details and exuding superb vintage charm make this gorgeous Swedish apartment. At 1625 square feet (151 m2) home boasts a view of Lake Hammarby. There is plenty of open space living room with plenty of seating in the shiny skin of absence. Lighting throughout the house spread, warm, cozy atmosphere, while pieces of storage furniture is antique, distressed wood.

10. Four Room Loft with Swimming Pool, Stockholm
This super-complex, 185 m2 four room loft is located in the heart of Stockholm. Modern house design beauty literally has everything - an open space area day of bottom floor with kitchen, living room and dining room. Dominated by pastel master bedroom. Children's bedroom, just perfect for little princes. Stunning indoor pool, a room decorated generously offer to open, which also includes an internal compartment. Terrace overlooking the residential complex, ideal for a lazy morning with coffee and meaningful conversations. And, of course, indoor swimming pool.

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