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Festive shine at home

Home decoration brings true joy and festive mood. Holidays are the right time to bring glow on display in abundance.  We   will   present  several  ways  to lighten your home during the holidays.
1. Wears  branched  tree with festive tinsel and toys, and place it in a shiny metal container also filled with ornaments. Place it as the holiday table decorations. The choice of metal, various shades of colors and textures need to unite so as to shine than it gets all of the decoration.
2. If you have silver ornaments and / or inherited silver, polish them and use them. The holidays are the perfect time to show them.

3. The crystal is also a source of glory. Arrange the table under the crystal chandelier. Place the crystal glasses with chair, candlesticks and other appropriate accessories. The festive arrangement will bring sophistication and elegance into your home.
   4. Put a decorative wreath on the door. If you live in a house put additional lights on the walkway, stairs, columns and railings. So the holiday spirit will be felt even before entering.
 5. Christmas lights have always been surrounded by magic. The warm glow of the fireplace, shimmering in toy Christmas tree, flickering flame of a candle placed on the table - light is a source of festive magic.
6. One of the easiest   and  traditional
 ways  to add holiday sparkle to your home is decorating the Christmas gifts with ribbons, ties, playful ornaments. We should not forget the special paper that is packed gifts. Placed around the Christmas tree, they become an important part of its decoration. 
7. Replace the old Christmas tree toys, hand-made or some childhood memories. Each of these toys has its own history and each has its memories of past times. So the holiday becomes a family, a warm and cohesive.
 Decorate the Christmas tree with his family. So everyone will contribute to your idea of ​​holiday spirit in your home.

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