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How to decorate your home - a few simple tips

It is easy to decide that you want to change something in your home. More difficult was the choice how to do this. Not always necessary architects and designers. There is much more simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your house or apartment yourself.

Invest in the best
Instead of the full house with junk and cheap souvenirs, you better choose something you really like. Enjoy the process a little less desired decorate a room in a way that will matter not only delight in you, but your guests.
 Change Color
Everything from fabric and has a color that you like or just tired, can be replaced. Find the workshop that deals with the painting of fabrics and bold approach to selection of new.

Make room friendly
Choose light colors to make the room warm and welcoming.
Use available materials
Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each room and they decorate the rest of your home. If you have high ceilings, place the long curtains. If the apartment is small and dark, do not try to change it. Clean white walls sometimes can only make it look dull and monotonous. Instead, try to create atmosphere.

No matter how small it is set, place at least three light sources. Ideally would be if you put a high floor lamp and combine it with two smaller table lamps. This will make the room more radiant.

Antiquities are chic

 Invest in antiquities. You can put one in each room, setting the tone and mood of the whole apartment.
  Think beyond the front door mat
Do not overlook the front door. Look at it as a unit, which prepares for what will follow. The entrance to meet the style of your home, but at the same time contain anything in particular that causes guests to want to see more.

Collecting more objects that best speaks to you. No matter what will be, this number plays an important role.

Place a small locker for small items
Small tables in the office hallway, or at home can be extremely useful. They can store shoes, children's sores, mail and more.   Wallpaper
Not necessarily to put wallpaper or use paint to change the walls at home. You just let them reupholstered with fabric to your taste. This will make the rooms more comfortable and luxurious, will further isolate them and you can come out much more expensive than ordinary wallpaper.

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