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Some good ideas for laundry

With a little imagination and good ideas you can do laundry room multifunctional, as are the latest trends. Wherever located laundry room and is spacious and very little, you can always put a working surface on which to perform additional work. Is it a station built for wrapping gifts, seating for project work or a place for arranging flowers and plants for transplanting, you will have a laundry room as a place for more than just clean clothes. This will expand the role of the laundry room in your home. Here we show you some beautiful and inspiring laundry rooms:

Clean and Modern Laundry Room Design

 An interior window improves light and flow in this condo laundry room.Talk about smart design ideas: a stacking washer / dryer save precious floor space and a frosted glass panel allows light to pour in from the adjacent kitchen. Flat-fronted cabinets under the sink keep the profile clean and modern. Photographer: Michael Graydon - Room designer: William MacDonald.

Pretty Contemporary Laundry Room Design
In a space this inspiring, laundry isn'ta chore. The design of this room centres around a long Corian countertop that spans a washer, dryer and ample cabinets. Fresh blue walls, a striped runner and sleek faucet complete the pretty decorating. Photographer: Donna Griffith.

Eco-friendly Laundry Room Design
Environmentally friendly ideas to keep your design and clothes clean. This laundry room includes an energy-efficient way to dry clothes, a hang-dry system made of stainless steel rods that can be easily raised or lowered. Natural light offers passive heat and facilitates drying. Photographer: Angus Fergusson.

Combine Mudroom and Laundry Room Design
 Design ideas from a chic, light-filled space. With an abundance of storage, an extra-deep sink and front-loading washer and dryer, it's safe to say this room makes washing and folding a dream. Plants and framed artwork make the space feel more decorated and personal. The spaces does triple duty, functioning as a mudroom and craft space. Photographer: Janis Nicolay.

Smart Decorated Laundry Room
 Pattern and colour bring this space to life. Who says laundry rooms should be bland and utilitarian? In H & H style editor Sarah Hartill's space, a graphic-print rug warms up the cold floor and a pretty skirt disguises a basic sink. Floating stainless shelves provide plenty of open storage for detergent and other necessities. Photographer: Mark Burstyn

Bright Basement Laundry Room Design
Design and decorating ideas for a clean and bright basement laundry room. Cabinets from Ikea and side by side laundry machines allow for one long countertop that can be used for storage and extra folding space. Fresh white paint on the ceiling and walls keeps the space light and clean. A basic kitchen sink and faucet are perfect for a laundry room while finishing the edge of the melamine counter with metal trim elevates the overall decor. Pictures leaning along the countertop and coordinating containers for storage creates a pretty and polished look. Photographer: Virginia Macdonald - Room designer: Peter Fallico


Classic Laundry Room Design
 Clever cabinetry conceals laundry appliances in this classic laundry room. A bi-fold door conceals a front loading washer / dryer in this light-filled laundry room. Shaker-style cabinets provide plenty of storage for laundry essentials and keep the space clutter-free. Photographer: Janet Kimber.

Smart Organized Laundry Room
 Maximum vertical space to stay organized. Shpomeshtenie laundry in the basement, the ceiling is low, shelves and pegboard squeeze every last bit of storage space. Pretty blue wall function makes it an attractive place to sit and sew or finish folding clothes on top of cabinets. Photographer: Mark Burstyn.

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