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Interior Design Luxury House

This  design is a modern house built on private land.  Located in one  of  the best areas of Los Angeles-8400 Grand View Drive. Life in the house is well hidden from the public eye behind a high gate. The home has a modern decor and breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

Architecture of modern luxury house lights
  Modern kitchen with cabinets and dining room are in the L-shaped corner. The bedrooms and bathrooms are raised on platforms. Were  established  internal ceiling heights. The panoramic view of the gardens and sunlight come into the house through a giant window.

Modern living room with luxurious interior design, with a white sofa

On the second floor is the music hall and large open spaces for studio work.

Modern luxury bedroom with city views
This is the perfect combination of steel, glass and stone, floating staircases, balconies and consoles, with perfect technique of illumination.

Contemporary home office with carpet
The abundance of windows fill the interior with natural light and offers city views and garden.

Contemporary interior design living room with beautiful views of the city
 Zigzag staircase that goes through the house,  provides a continuous visual and physical access to different levels of the home.
luxurious modern swimming pool design

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