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Main rules for feng shui arrangement

For beginners, feng shui is a way to handle the energy flow and quiet of the room or physical layout house. This is done by arranging the furniture and layout of the room, and by careful selection and placement of the symbolic decorations and works in the room. The whole purpose is to make living space more enjoyable and comfortable for its inhabitants and to increase the positive energy of the room.


 Placement and selection of decorative items in the room is a key aspect of Feng Shui, and all objects have a symbolic meaning and nature which may affect the energy and the inhabitants of the room.


When choosing a decorative element, you should be aware of the meaning behind the object and its impact on your life. If you are energetic or stressed-out kind of guy, a symbol of power or influence can not be the best choice. Objects in feng shui should remind you of your own goals and their life and their growing awareness of them should lead you to fulfill your own goals in life.
Here is a brief guide to some of the meanings and purposes of decoration and Feng Shui symbols. Decide which fits in best with my lifestyle and what you might want to change your life. Symbols of power, love, happiness, wealth and abundance in ancient Chinese decorations, and you need to know and become comfortable with these meanings before making a choice in December Each type of decoration is related to a specific element as well.


Temple: A small family temple is one of the centerpieces of Feng Shui in the household. In the Temple of the family must be drawn to things that are important to you, including pictures of loved ones, symbols of his life, or other reminders of your dreams and aspirations. Usually housed in a small niche or a quiet corner of the room, the sanctuary should not be ignored but must be processed periodically and kept in order. You can use the temple to burn incense, or to leave a small contribution Loose Change or rice, and, in a symbolic gesture to the household gods. Usually made of stone, these temples have a connection to the Earth element.


Small Fountain: The sound of falling water and the constant movement is designed to add tranquility of living space. For stressed and busy people, this may be an opportunity for reflection on the water and let the stress flow from your body. Fountains come in several varieties, from small steady trickles of water down the rock face of periodic rhythmic tilting bamboo cups in a large pool of water. Clearly, because of water use, these fountains are a symbol of the element of water.
Candles: Feng Shui candles come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and meanings. Each color candle represents a different purpose, including wealth, love and success. Candles may be slightly aromatic, and their warm light shows that the distribution of energy and life around the room. Due to the small flame candles are associated with the element of fire.


Wind Chimes: Providing music with just a breeze, wind chimes should be placed near an open door or window to set up and ease it a pleasant environment. Wind chimes are a symbol of peace and tranquility, but also considers that brings good luck to anyone who listens to them. Wind chimes can also include other characters, animals, or waiting for the opening of a range of meanings and purposes.

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