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Free makeover of home décor

Watching the show Extreme Makeover home may make us all yearn for a new hard outdated decor in our room. But if trade does not make space and your budget has room for only one box with spray paint from the dollar store, what are you doing? Meet with your neighbors and share free cosmetic surgery!
A beautiful green room with a modern furniture
Free? Yes, free! Change the room should not cost money! In fact it is even more fun if you must use your imagination instead of your checkbook! It is best to set some rules before you begin:
Comfortable and more relaxing bath in pastel shades  
1. Decide on a time limit. I suggest an afternoon (at 17: 00) to promote rapid and inexpensive redecorating. Remember that time is money, depending on the taste of home decor neighbor - more damage can be done!

Exciting deciding a bedroom with wooden furniture

2. To encourage creativity, to agree to not spend any money for repairs. Include the whole family in garbage collection, home decor - paint debris, old mirrors and frames, discarded furniture and works of art, bags, old sheets and remnants of fabric
3. Promise to talk to each other after the rooms are ready! Do not blame the results! Accept changes in the spirit of fun!

Beautiful dining room, beautiful and lightning mode

4. Promise not to do anything about the rooms, which can not be withdrawn as quickly and cheaply. Not knocking the wall is not allowed!
5. Finally, the only commercial premises. Do not trade spouses or children.

Modern dining hall and interior, and for every taste
You will be amazed at what can be done by rearranging furniture or adding color!

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