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Zen art of interior lighting-classic interior design

Lighting fixtures are part of the interior design of the premises. Zen collection is suitable more for rooms in more traditional stil.Povecheto from the Zen lamps feature teak wood and earth tones. They may be accompanied with a hint of color added to the shades or covers. 

Pakpao Lamp
Pakpao lamp is a twist (standing) lamp shade is made of synthetic silk with Mango Wood base. Colours available in cream, red, brown If you want other colors, it becomes a special order. Available in larger sizes: W8 L8 H79 inch, and small size: W8 L8 H41 inch.
Kulap Lamp

Kulap lamp design Chanderlia. The lamp is made of silk with Mix color. There are 15 tubes in one set and it is H29 D3 inch size. Available in three options for outdoor lighting:
- Mini Light
- Rope light
- Optical Light

Sukhon Lamp
 Sukhon lamp standard lamp design. It is made from the skin of SAA paper with mango wood base. Available in cream and brown color mixing and the amount is W8 L8 H59 inch.

Tiered Lotus Lamp
Differentiated Lotus lamp is a project wall made of quality materials, available in sizes: 39 inches (1 meter)
and size: 79 inches (2 meters) and only available in cream color.

Pradit Lamp
Pradit lampae standard design, shade is made of synthetic silk with teak base. Located in the natural color and size D8 H24 inch. 

Salak Lamp
Salak is a standard lamp design lamp. Lampshade is made of synthetic silk with a wooden base of Mango. The amount of shade is W10 L13 H22 inch and inch base is W6 L9 H39. This lamp is available in natural color. 

Lukkai Lamp
Lukkai Lamp is a Sitting Lamp design, it Shade is made from Synthetic Silk with Teak Wood Base. The Shade size is W8 L14 H20 inch and the Base is W8 L14 H6 inch. This lamp is Available in Natural Color.
Samoot Lamp
Samoot Lamp is a Standing Lamp Design, it Shade is made from Synthetic Silk with Teak Wood Base. The Lamp size is W9 L9 H38 and availabe in Natural Color.

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