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How to update room teen

There comes a time when every teenager wants to change her room. As you grow older, they want to have what you are older. Allow him to participate in the proceeding, and there will be an opportunity to express themselves but will also teach responsibility.

When you first sit down to discuss the room with your teen, you will find that he wants everything on a lot. For example, will want extra seating and sleeping space for friends. C using a little ingenuity can achieve all this without a lot of unnecessary costs.

1. Share your ideas, let your child invite some friends, discuss all ideas for the new room until they agree. Do not automatically deny the ideas of teenagers listen to what they have to say!

2. Identify things that your teen would like to have in his new room. Then try to create different areas set for different functions. Maybe it's like playground where she can do hair and makeup. Or an exercise area or a place to sit with friends? Make the room comfortable and as you can and multi-functional dkolkoto possible in the space available.

3. The new room will undoubtedly include a brand new set of bedroom furniture. Must explain the situation with the money and help to understand that responsibility for payment of many of the things they want to have. Talk about cheaper ways to update the room and make sure you participate in everything we do.


4. You can suggest ways he (she) to repaint the room, while still using the same furniture. Here are some ideas:
* Suggest to paint furniture with light-colored or zhizpolzvane creative painting techniques such as sponge painting or using templates.

* You can update your bed only with the purchase of new boards in the style of adults.
* Look in the attic or in the rest of the house furniture that no longer use a couple to add something new to the decor.
* Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes it's everything you need to give the room a new species, and a little paint, new accessories and funky lighting.

* At garage sales, second hand stores and junk markets can buy real valuables that not only will look good, but cost much less.


5. Before starting to decorate the room, deciding on what needs to go back in the cupboard, placed on shelves, or removable storage compartments that can be placed under the bed.

6. Most teenagers will have a strange (to you) ideas for painting their rooms. What he wants something that can tolerate in your home? Ultimately, colors can affect moods and teenagers already have plenty of them.

Go to its preferences, if you possibly can because you can always paint over them later. You can also suggest to use only their color on the wall.

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