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Luxury villa near the ocean

The construction of this house is a engineering marvel. whole terrace pool is attached to the terrace of the hill, fortified by a network of cables that does not interfere with plant growth, but provides privacy.
Access by road is open at the level of the terrace with swimming pool, and left a stairway leading to the studio below. The dining room is above the basic level of living anywhere and have a look to the sea.

Luxury contemporary villa design with swimming pool  
This villa is designed in a modern minimalist interior and exterior. It has several rooms, each of which is decorated with modern furniture.
Luxury white relaxing room with beautiful ocean view.
These modern homes are consistent with the tropical climate of Miami. In luxury villa is entered by a side 20'x30'x30 "volume that reflects a pool and lead to active Oculus in the room with brightness and reflection. Great room design organizes home in private and public spheres.

Luxury contemporary living room with brown sofa
 Huge space with large windows overlooking the pool and canal. The second floor of this modern design isolated residence contains garden courtyard off the sumptuous bedrooms, a private business. The project offers a flexible infrastructure for participation and opportunity for the pleasures of life.

Modern bedroom interior design in white
  A contemporary neutral color scheme is used outside the house with an emphasis on artwork and furniture. The scheme is also a house in a quiet and elegant place to live. The villa has a large room with double height, where the family gathers.
Luxury modern  dining room interior design with white chairs

Much has been made to deliver at home as much natural light. Carefully placed windows not only make this possible, but allow all sides to catch magnificent views.

Contemporary  luxury  bathroom with modern furniture
This villa with Jacuzzi and everything necessary for a party, where passengers can enjoy magnificent views of the ocean, a place after an inspection of any item of property. All eight apartments in the villa have their own balconies with panoramic views and are equipped with modern luxuries such as internet and dock Ipod.
Beautiful night view of the villa
  All villas in this resort are oriented to best deal with tropical climatic conditions, rainwater collection systems and waste treatment have been applied and special green design elements include roof areas and open ceilings, cross ventilation in all indoor spaces, deep hanging roof and shading windows. 

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