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Ideas for retro interior design

Retro style is very modern with its spirit of comfort and warmth it brings.
From the time when the discos and nightclubs become an obsession for young people outweigh pure lines, but using hard and colors.

Modern retro living room decoration

60's and 70's of last century were the decades, marked by protests against the war, decades of hippies and love. This is the time when people find love for others, time and Biitals would dzhiis. This spirit is reflected in the style of interior design.

Retro living room interior design

Walls: The décor does not necessarily come from the walls, but by what is hung on them. This may have posters of rock bands or just a picture of flowers.
The room can be of two different colors and place them in the form of board.

Modern retro interior design ideas

Fabrics: We use bright colors orange, brown, white, green and mustard. The beds can be upholstered in plush. For the curtains, they can buy such fabrics

Modern retro design ideas in brown and white

Flooring: Ceramic tiles are very typical for this time. Wool rugs are ideal for placing in the spirit room at 70 years. Good to be in solid colors.

Classic retro interior design living room

Accessories: At appropriate places you can put things from time-phone with a washer, and phonograph records, posters of singers from the 60's and 70's, red lights.
During this period is characterized by mirrors and glass accessories. They can cover a wall of mirrors and, if necessary, place the ball disco ceiling to reflect light in the room.

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