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Beauty in the living room

The living room is the heart of every home and business card. This is a room for relaxing, watching TV, reading, eating meals with her family welcoming guests .. It is worth to know what are the decisive factors that should be adjusted for a comfortable, modern and functional living.

Area - This depends on the size of the house, but it is assumed that the daily should not be less than about 25 m2 (in larger homes from 1930 to 1935 m2) - then it is easier to separate functional areas within it . Note however that measurement down daily in conjunction with other rooms, so there is not much difference between them.

White-sofa-table-white carpet in a soft white
HeightThe living room is large, so it must be higher. Is achieved by passing through two floors, mezzanine, with the difference in floor levels. When space is limited, using optical techniques.
Form - If the room is small, it is better to have a compact shape (rectangle, like square, square). Larger rooms may have varied curriculum (eg the letter L), or be broken .. It is important to have clearly distinguished the different functional areas and to communicate freely between them, not through them.

Large yellow-bed wooden chair, small table, chair, cupboard
EntranceIt should be clearly visible from the porch, and have their rank. Its location often affects the functionality of the living room. Opening - Another important factor is the ratio of occupants on the walls windows, doors and other openings. Their communication system defines a living room, an opportunity for the proper disposal of all, functional zoning, furniture, find a good place for a TV or stereo, and the opportunity to admire the garden.

Gray-couch-cushions-glass table, cabinets vase floral carpet
Relationship with other roomsAuthority must be available so as to be in the center of the house. But remember that communication within the departure lounge and is not transmitted between different workspaces. Not good if life became the center and passes it along, for example, bedrooms or kitchens. It is also important how the living room connects to the lobby and what the view opens before you fall. Best when they are on one axis and the exit to the terrace. Dining room should be between seating and kitchen. Then a natural  buffer. Everyday should be placed near the guest bathroom but the door to her not to see ..

Folding sofa-bed, bench-wooden-orange walls vase-lamps

Of course, when a living room with balcony, it may not be the center of a residential area. Preferably, of course, be divided into zones, for example, living and dining areas. View the garden through the window should not be concealed by furniture (sofa, table). It is good to feel free to enjoy the view and relax. This is facilitated by large windows, so that green design is part of living. Ideally, when the living room has more than one exterior wall, because the windows will have different views of the world and at different times of day.

Bright-living-with-bed sofa, curtains, carpets, fireplace

It is important to ensure a good view of it from many places in the living room. The location of the outbreak should be easy. It is wrong to be at a crossroads. Stairs - On the one hand can be useful prestige saloon, but on the other to avoid collisions without an attic room (floor). A major reason for their inclusion is usually closely linked to the desire of the entire house, which promotes the integration of the family. It is good that the stairs were in the living room
near the entrance - located in the far corner would have to go across the room. Come to them, should not block any furniture because it will restrict freedom of movement between floors.

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