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Living under the roof

In furnishing attic apartment are facing many challenges. Must not only allocate space for each room, but also to provide any necessary amount of daylight and fresh air. And to comply with certain shortcomings of the construction and chamfered ceilings, for example.
Living room with a yellow sofa, chair and light carpet

You should know that the requirements for size, shape and method of lighting the ceiling differ significantly from those of etazh.Tryabva to choose the appropriate products in accordance with specifications and terms of work inside (humidity, ventilation requirements, the direction of sunlight access to the window).
  Living with sofas, white table, wooden carpet, floors and large windows
Living Room should be bright, to allow for views of the countryside and meet its many different functions. In these tasks, the space under the sloping roof is usually a challenge, but also creates many opportunities for innovative solutions.
Living room, fireplace, carpet and large window sofa with pillows
Despite the sloping roof as the floor surface is very high, space can usefully be divided into functional areas corresponding to the height of different parts of different functions. The space intended for living should be able to create the most space. Its shape depends largely on the shape of the roof. Not always the lowest part of the sloping area is useless.

Living room sofa in black with a white table, wooden floors, brick wall
Due to the size of the room and as it is used during the day, it is necessary a large amount of natural light. It is recommended that the area of ​​the glass is at least 10% of the area. As the floors in the living room, preferably when the light reaches from several countries - all applications and corners are well lit. If you can only have one window, the best option is when he is in the middle of the long wall.

Living under the roof, a large sofa and kitchen

Grid barriers and provide additional opportunities. Not only will allow the influx of more light, but also visually enlarge the interior. They can be combined into sets, increasing the glass plane.

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