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Several ideas for Christmas decoration

  If you celebrate Christmas and New Year out of town for your good mood will help not only the Christmas decorations inside the premises, but outside. For this purpose you can use more candles than at home because it is safer. And as to candlesticks - improvise!
Use twigs, pieces of bark, cones and whatever else you remember ... For example, do their candlesticks from pieces of wood of different sizes. Cut the pieces in their length and remove part of their core, so as to form pits with the size of the candles that you will use. Then, combine half and tie them with ribbons for gifts.
For candlesticks in the garden you can use small Christmas wreaths to deploy along the porch or fence. And these you can work out yourself!
Interesting decoration of available materials and candlesticks are made of thin wood slivers twigs tied with string and decorated with artificial ivy.
If you have a large ceramic pot, "ambush" in it felled tree, decorate it and place it on the front door.
 To make the atmosphere in your home really Christmas, you can attach toys fir silk ribbons, and branches of a Christmas tree cover with snow. If you bought your Christmas decorations are tired, you can originality and events to make them yourself from felt - you get really airy garlands.
Festive table also requires attention. And here can help you come universal decoration - candles. Depending on the theme of the celebration, they may be decorated with snowflakes, flowers or branches. As a candle you can use ceramic or glass bowls and cups. In order not to crack or break the vessels to the bottom of each pour a little water.
In the decoration of your home for the holiday, you can use the jars of different sizes, which temporarily "dwell" Snow White, angels, gold stars, Christmas balls, and candy and candles.

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